Keep-Forever Pourer Care Instructions


Our Keep-Forever Pourer is a unique piece of British craftsmanship made using the finest materials and designed for many years’ enjoyment. 

Simply follow these steps to care for your pourer. 

Before your first pour:

Remove the tamper-proof seal and fit the silicone ring into the groove of the brass lid.

Using a little olive oil on your finger, lubricate the ring, fill your pourer and fit the lid ensuring that it is seated properly.

If the lid doesn’t fit onto the vessel straightaway, use a little more oil to lubricate it.

During and after use:

Always ensure that the lid is seated properly before use.

During use, you can stem the flow of oil by placing a finger over the lid’s breather hole.

If the lid is difficult to remove, tipping your pourer uses the oil within to lubricate it and will make it easier.

Never allow your Keep-Forever Pourer to become completely empty – always leaving oil inside ensures that you can lubricate and remove the lid easily.

Remember to wipe the lid clean after each use.

A little extra care:

Use warm, soapy water to wash your pourer, and dry with a lint-free cloth.

Avoid harsh abrasives or chemicals, which can damage the components.

The silicone ring can be carefully removed and replaced for cleaning.

After washing the ring, lubricate it with a little olive oil so that it seals perfectly.

The solid brass lid ages beautifully over time, however if you’d like to restore its original lustre, use a suitable polish cloth before washing with warm soapy water – and be sure to clean the pourer and breather holes before using again.