Luxurious Portuguese organic extra virgin olive oil, British-made, Limited Edition keep-forever glass pourer.

It takes an extra-special ingredient to join the evolvia family.

We’ve carefully selected this cold-pressed, certified organic extra virgin olive oil for its unique family story, as well as its incredible flavour. Handpicked from a centuries-old grove in Portugal’s ‘Long Valley of the Olive Oil’, organically grown olives are cold pressed to preserve the oil’s natural goodness. 

Native Portuguese Galega and Cobrançosa olives are picked during late autumn, when the fruit is still young, green and fragrant. The gentle cold-pressing process releases an oil of intense colour and exquisite complexity, combining an aroma of fresh floral notes, green apple and wild herbs with a layered, well-balanced flavour, rich yet smooth and with a delicately peppery finish. Enjoy evolvia with salads, pasta, grilled meat and fish, or use as a luxurious dipping oil.

Look after the land and you’ll be richly rewarded.

Responsibly produced and packaged, this extraordinary olive oil is for those who value their food’s provenance and environmental impact just as much as its taste. Recyclable refill pouches are designed to reduce packaging to a beautiful yet bare minimum while our handmade, Limited Edition keep-forever glass pourer showcases the oil’s rich hue perfectly and is a piece to treasure now and pass down through the generations.

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